How to Commission an Artist to Create a Mural

Murals are often pretty expansive, covering large walls and spaces on both the interior and exterior of buildings and other areas.  Though taking out the roller and starting anew is entirely possible should you wind up with a mural you are a little less than in love with, it’s important to make sure that when you take the plunge and hire a mural artist, you have a happy, healthy relationship with the piece they create.  Here are a few tips on how to commission an artist to create a mural.

Start a Dialogue

When you’re deciding on what type of mural you’d like in your home or community, you may have some inkling of an idea with regards to what you expect to see– perhaps there’s a theme you’d like to embody, a color scheme you’d like to follow, a stylistic form you like. These general notions can act as an inspirational springboard for the mural artist you commission. From there, the artist is generally braced with enough background to begin designing your piece, asking questions about taste and direction in order to have a true understanding of your wants and needs as a client.

Location, Location, Location

What’s great about paint is that it can be applied just about anywhere – on brick exteriors, steel bridges, drywall, plaster, concrete, canvas – you name it. In fact, if the mural is detailed and well-done, the surface itself is hardly noticeable, as the scene takes over what used to be an unornamented space and becomes like any canvas, the place that allows the art itself to come to life.

A mural, like all art, can be an investment piece, which is why it’s important to make sure the artist you commission is receptive to what you want, taking your ideas and bringing them into reality in a way that is better than you could’ve imagined. World renowned mural artist Michael Kirby does just that,  transforming ordinary spaces into dimensional and captivating works of art.

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