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Baltimore mural artist Michael Kirby’s career burgeoned in Italy as a street painter, traveling to cities like Rome and Florence, leaving large, dimensional pieces in his wake. In another town named Florence, located in Fremont County, Colorado, a young mural artist is making her mark. Angelica Torres, a high school student in the area, entered a teen mural art contest held by the Fremont County Public Health Agency. Her winning “Tree of Life” painting will soon appear in the Health Agency’s new clinic: she will spend the next several weeks recreating it in the main hallway of the clinic, located in the Florence Municipal Center, which will open in March.

Public Health Director Carla Dionne said Angelica’s painting made thorough use of space, proportionally filling the long hallway – and that’s one of the reasons her piece was selected. Other finalists, Morgan Erps and Kaley Hudson, were recognized for their creative and vibrant entries. Second place winner Morgan Erps will also be honored with the opportunity to bring her piece to life on a large scale: her tree, which featured people’s faces and figures coming out from the branches, is set to appear in the waiting room of the Fremont County Public Health clinic.

Both pieces will be unveiled at the clinic’s grand opening ceremony on March 11th from 3:00-7:00 p.m., complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony, refreshments, and tours of the new health center in Florence. May these young artists be well-received – we wish them the best of luck, and look forward to hearing more from them in the future! In the meantime, check out the murals-to-be and the artists that created them here!

Michael Kirby is the founder of Murals of Baltimore and has been commissioned to create engaging murals all over the world – from Florence to Maryland, and more.

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Angelica Torres wins teen mural art contest

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